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    I am Jenni Huse, started my journey in cosmetology with Benefit Cosmetics San Francisco, CA working for Jean & Jane Ford over 8 years ago. I had the opportunity to work helping a few friends with weddings one summer and decided to jump into the world of hair. I received my cosmetology license and have never looked back! Almost 5 years later still invigorated with passion for hair styling, makeup artistry and fashion I am able to express my creativity and love for this industry. I love being fashion forward, knowing what is in now and putting my own spin on a trend while making my clients look effortless & chic! A big part of my job is listening, offering suggestions, creating effortless and timeless looks is always my goal! My work has been featured in (print) magazines, online & in photographers portfolios, fashion shoots... and on "Style me Pretty".

Everything you Wanted to Know and More about PRO Lash Extensions

Eye Lash Extensions


Over the Past years of working in the Bridal industry there’s one name that my BRIDES always come across Whitney Mullins owner of LASH OUT! “ Premier eyelash connoisseur” I just had to check her out for myself and get all the scoop on her business LASH OUT and how these eyelash extensions have become not just for Special Occasions but for an Every-day MUST!

I believe that Lash Out has the Most devoted Team I have met that specializes in eye-lash extensions. From the First step in the Door, you are taken away with the feeling like you are a special customer. It’s a Relaxing, Rustic atmosphere .. From the organic burlap curtains that divide areas where the Lash artist’s work. To the luxurious bed you lay in,while they transform your lashes, ( I say LUXURIOUS cause that’s how Cozy it is. You’ll just want to sleep away while they transform your lashes.)

This team is not just any group of ladies, they are hand picked by the founder and owner(Whitney) of Lash Out! ”They are artists who don’t see what they do as an everyday job. They see it as a time to be creative and have fun… ” THIS TEAM gets lost in their work that’s how dedicated they are. Forgetting the time, day, and maybe forgetting to stop an take a break or eat lunch! Its more than being a Licensed Cosmetologist or Esthetician . They go through additional training focused on the artistry of applying lash extensions. So what Bride would not want to Transform their look from Ordinary lashes to a dramatic thick
I was skeptical my self, and I was soooooo wrong!!!

I had to see for myself. I was transformed from my every day lashes that I spent at least 15 mins putting on…. {my regiment; of lash Primer and about 5 coats of mascara} and hoping it would last all day…
I started off trying lashes called The Whisper : perfect for the timid and first timers. This subtle enhancement will give you 45 additional lashes per eye– about 30 % boost in your Lash Volume. A demure effect for natural beauty. With the help of my lash artist, who helped me find what would best suit me.

They have you fill out a questioner before your appointment when you arrive 15 mins early. This helps them get to know you and what look you are going for. I wanted something that was a little more for everyday. Something that people would be like, ” I love you lashes, what mascara do you use?” or “Your Lashes are amazing what do you do.” Nothing over the top because I was going more for an everyday look vs going out or an event look.

I was extremely happy with my Lashes. I felt like they were perfect for me in every way. Thank you to my Lash’s artist Karli, listening & knowing what I meant when we talked about what I wanted. She executed everything so perfectly. { I was very impressed }
The best part of having these amazing lashes, is going to bed and waking up with amazing lashes! Not having to put mascara on…. and ALWAYS LOOKING AMAZING. Even on a day off, when I wanted to where no makeup but feel like I have my eyes DONE cause I have LASHES ! Its even better than I ever could have imagined… Learn  more about Lash Out & the owner Whitney here in my interview! 

We wanna know the truth under all these lashes!

Just Jenni: Are eye lashes for everyone why or why not? 

Whitney: Eyelash Extensions are not for everyone! They are for the low maintenance woman!

  •  If clients frets over loosing 1 lash or 5 lashes
  •  If the client wants them to look like strip lashes, or absolutely perfect all the time
  •  If the client can’t stop rubbing eyes
  • Won’t come in every 3 weeks for a lash touch-up
  • Won’t clean lashes and lash line every night with recommended products

Just Jenni: How long is the First application? an touchups…

Whitney: 45min to 90 min depending on which initial set you receive…

The average set received is the The Diva Set (90min)

30min to 90min depending on which touch up you receive…

The average touch-up received is the Regular touch up (60min)

Just Jenni: How often do people touch up? 

Whitney: We recommend getting a touch up every 3 weeks. If you wait too long your eyelash extensions will fall out and you will require a full set. Your natural eyelashes fall off every 60-90 days due to the natural growth cycle and are naturally replaced with the growth of a new eyelash. Other factors such as exposure to steam or touching your eyes alot may cause the extensions to fall sooner. A touch up is needed to fill in any lashes that fallen. Touch ups average about 60 minutes.

Most people will typically shed between one and five natural lashes each day, depending on their individual growth cycles. Since your eyelash extensions are attached to the natural lashes, they will each shed whenever the natural lash they are attached to reaches the end of its growth cycle – which varies.

Most importantly remember you can maintain Lash Out! Eyelash extensions indefinitely!

Regarding how long they Last

Is it True eye lashes fall out every 60-90 days on average …due to natural growth cycle and naturally replaced with the growth of New lashes/with this said cause eye lashed are glued to the LASH not the SKIN How often do must touch them up? 3 weeks

Getting to know Whitney {Master Eyelash Connoisseur}  a little More :


Master Lash Artist/Owner/Educator

After having her own eyelashes extended for the first time and seeing the stunning difference that a set of faux lashes can make, Whitney was inspired to train and specialize in lash extensions herself. She is a licensed esthetician with very high standards when it comes to safe and hygienic eyelash application. A perfectionist by nature, she is known for her meticulous attention to detail, which helps her style lashes beautifully, sculpting them to your eye and eyebrow shape so you get a full, luscious, spectacular set of lashes that suits your face perfectly.

Whitney says: “I’m still thrilled every time I give a client lash extensions and see her renewed confidence and pride in her appearance. When a client comes to me for lash extensions, I take into consideration every detail of her face and her personal style in order to choose the best length, curl and thickness for her eyes. My passion for timeless beauty is best reflected in the smiles and amazement of my clients when they see their own lashes transformed… as mine were years ago when I first discovered lash extensions!”

Clients love the natural look and feel of Whitney’s eyelash extensions as well as how easy and relaxing she makes the process. Whitney’s passion for timeless beauty and artistry breathes life into her work, and her dedication to individualized customer service is her formula for gaining loyal clients. She achieves the greatest satisfaction when she sees the confidence and pride her clients take in their appearance, and cherishes the opportunity to make her clients look and feel their best.

Just jenni: How did you get started in the Eye Industry ?
I was working at The Spa at Hotel Healdsburg and a client came in and told me as I was starting her facial ‘don’t touch my eyelashes’ …. I was confused at first but then she explained she had eyelash extensions.  I immediately needed to learn more about eyelash extensions.  I took a 1 day intensive course and practiced practiced practiced from that point on everyday and did not give up!  I was one first ‘lash only’ specialists in California.

Just Jenni: If you could tell us one thing about you, that wouldn’t know,What would it be?

I am from Virginia & I moved to San Francisco with my best friend when I was 21,  a year after I graduated from Virginia Tech.  We didn’t know anyone and didn’t have jobs or a place to stay and were scared!  I had saved up enough money to cover my expenses for at least 6 months just in case I did not get a job but thank goodness I got a job offer, within 3 days of moving to San Francisco. I worked in advertising in San Francisco before I decided to go to school again and try a totally different industry. I went to Lytle’s Redwood Beauty College after experiencing ‘the big city life’ in San Francisco for a few years.  I have been in Santa Rosa ever since…

I hope you have learned everything you need to know about LASH OUT and their Lash extensions! Feel free to leave any questions in the Comment area and we will get them answered. A Special thanks to the Lash Out  Team! who was amazing letting me come in and try out these amazing Lashes. I must say I’m hooked & been back already for my fill and looking forward to my next appointment !!! LADIES THIS IS A MUST TRY, so put in on your to do List!

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Wedding Wednesday

HELLO, Welcome to my Wedding Wednesdays!!! We are talking about finding that perfect wedding hair & make up style for your wedding! 

Wedding Wednesday

HELLO, Welcome to my Wedding Wednesdays!!! It’s that time of year, YES that’s WEDDING SEASON! I’m very excited to be filling my “Little Black Book” with your special date’s.  I will be posting every Wednesday with hair and make-up, tips and tricks to help you find looks. I’ll have answers all your Bridal questions. { If you have specific Questions post a comment or mail me and I’ll try my best to solve them!}

I have pulled photos of some of my favorite looks for this Season. There are a range of looks for this Season depending on your weddings style.  A few good questions to ask your self while look at styles are:

  • Where is the Wedding {indoor/ outdoor/climate} ?
  • What is the Planned style of the Wedding?
  • What is the style of the Wedding Dress? {Modern/Soft and Romantic/ Rustic/Organic/}
  • How do you normally where your hair up or Down?

It’s also good to gather photos you like and dislike for ideas for your stylist prior to your Preview. This is important because you may not notice that you will start to pull similar thing s without even realizing it.  { For instance: if your pulled 10 looks and 5 of the look have a side part… you are drawn to that; or maybe they have a side swept bun} That’s why it is good to pull many looks because you might not see the subtle things that your stylist will be-able to point out . Your stylist will help you personalize and create a special look just for you maybe with ideas from your multiple wedding or style pictures. You might the like front of one photo and the back of another and that’s fine !

I hope you enjoy these Wedding Wednesday Looks that I have pulled for you this week. I love watching & finding new trends and knowing what is in for the season. I look anywhere from magazines to blogs and Pintrest and more….besides styling on clients.  This wedding season I’m seeing styles that have texture worked into the hair styles, tousled and also a lot of wispy buns.  Also on the runways there where a lot of Sleek Chic chignons {this look is a very Classic style} its soft and frames the face. This might be a look for you if  you wear your hair in a style where you pull your hair off your face a lot.  But if you don’t and like wispier hair around the face, then you might like a Less severe look{ Loose bun positioned at the nap of the neck}

Finding a look that you are most comfortable with will help you be more relaxed wearing your Wedding hairstyle! Hope you enjoyed these quick tips to help find your wedding look! 

What wedding looks & styles are you liking so far this season?






Fresh Lips For Your Summer Wedding Look


If you want Natural Fresh lips for your wedding makeup look, FRESH COSMETICS has what you need. My “New” favorite that I’m adding to my lil Black book is An ultra-nourishing tinted lip treatment that moisturizes, protects, and smoothes the lips while leaving a juicy coral tint! These Colors are amazing for summer. It also comes in other colors for many skin tones! Has Long lasting color!! Also below are a few of my favorite things I found recently on a few of my favorite sites.

One is on Etsy, which is a Bubble necklace in bright colors for summer. Ily shop on Etsy is called ILY COUTURE Christine is based out of Salt Lake City, Utah. She also has a cool fashion blog: hellofashionblog that I have enjoyed reading. I think her necklaces are great if you are looking to add a whimsical look for your wedding jewelry. These are also one of a kind pieces. I love a Bold statement piece in wedding jewelry! You can always show a lil personality through your wedding jewelry. I love these necklaces for that! Its a piece you will always be able to wear from day to evening. DRESS a look up with these amazing pieces or even with your normal jeans and tee!  She also will be specializing in wedding pieces SOMETHING to be LOOKING forward to SEE on her site !!!!



My favorite Product of the WEEK

Tips from The Lil Black Book “The Bolder Brow”

As a makeup artist I love watching the trends!  It is very important to stay on top of whats hot! One of my favorite trends this season is “THE BOLDER BROW”. A Just Jenni Rule is always fill in the Brow, it frames the face providing a focal point to draw people in. I call it the instant brow lift, giving the face a younger, fresher feel!

A few Tips and Tricks from Just Jenni’s Little Black Book ….. for your BOLDER Brows which not only is the fuller brow, it is the look that is hot now!  A few thing that you might need  to achieve the Bolder brow…


  • You need to grow out thinner brows.
  • If you saw your Brow Specialist every three weeks, now you might  see them every other month.
  • While thicker brows will still  need the fine tuning of trimming and tweezers.Doesn’t mean that periodic maintenance is a thing of the PAST. Not quite –  full shaped brows can require as much maintenance as thinner brows.


  •  After you have your fuller shape, we still need to fill them in. There are so many great products out on the market; from brow pencils, waxes  to brush on powders.
  •  For the Bolder look I recommend using a pencil or a wax first. Then adding a powder to define shape {light feather strokes} and don’t be afraid to add color! We want the brow to stand-out.
  •  I believe there’s a way to make a happy medium by knowing you can always comb through the brow with a clean mascara wand or a brow comb to pull color through evenly. Then last, sealing  and the deal with a Clear Mascara or Brow Gel to get you BOLDER BROW!!

For my clients that want to take it a step further:

  • High-lighting the brow is just as important to the shape.
  • Two of my favorite things to do after filling in the brow is to add a lighter color under the Brow. Benefit says “The Now to WOW! “
  • With their HIGH Brow seen below…. also the same affect can be achieved with a light shadow. My fav is Vanilla from Mac.

Also below are some of my fav brow products to give you some ideas on achieving your new Bolder Brows !

I hope you enjoyed my tips from Just Jenni’s Little Black Book . Some of you might find that you already have these products in your drawer and makeup bag to make your bolder brow POSSIBLE ! & if not maybe try some of these products along with my tips to create your Bolder Brow!

From Now to WOW Brows

Marc by Marc Jacobs short sleeve top
£98 - vanmildert.com

Laura mercier cosmetic
$10 - neimanmarcus.com

Mac cosmetic
$15 - macys.com

Laura Mercier makeup brush
$34 - nordstrom.com

Tweezerman tweezers brow
$25 - nordstrom.com

Highlighter makeup
$26 - macys.com

Benefit Cosmetics matte makeup
$20 - benefitcosmetics.com

Pink polka dot background
£14 - fabricsandpapers.com

Brows A-Go-Go
$38 - benefitcosmetics.com
What kind of make-up tips would you like to see next?
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Wedding Hair and Makeup Inspiration

On a rainy day …. I’m looking for a little inspiration for hair and makeup, for my Brides!!  As an artist (Just Jenni) I get asked so many questions regarding hair and makeup from my BRIDES!!! I have to say one of my favorite things to do is fashion trending! I love looking at the fashion forward LOOKS and see where I can place them in everyday styles. It makes me excited. I get excited over silly things like my FASHION MAGAZINES like LUCKY MAGAZINE  coming in the mail! Or now, they just POP up on my IPAD <3. ITS LIKE MY BIBLE ! PS. If you don’t subscribe to one,  pick one up, I promise you’ll love it. You’ll soon to find I have many favorites… NEW LIPSTICKS, NEW SHOES, NEW HAIR ( + I’m a full Cosmetologist ) so that’s new hair Everyday! Lol I hope you enjoy this inspiration board. I look forward to hearing if they inspire your wedding looks! Do you have  a  favorite?!?

Wedding Looks I love

Lilly Pulitzer lace clutch
$88 - zappos.com

Tiffany Co cocktail ring
$975 - tiffany.com

Rhinestone hair accessory

Tasha flower hair accessory
$58 - nordstrom.com

Tom Ford lipstick
$48 - neimanmarcus.com

Yves Saint Laurent lip gloss
£22 - harrods.com

Blow dryers iron

Gift sets kit
$43 - bloomingdales.com

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